18mm Electroplating Plastic Lotion Pump suppliers   

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About Us
Guangzhou XINGYUAN Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. founded in 2003 is a plastic cosmetic packaging manufacturer specialized in airless pump bottles, foam pump bottles, dispenser pumps, cosmetic jars and bottles.
Our unceasing commitment to quality, innovation and functionality over the decade have earned us a high reputation and seperated us from the other companies that lack vision for the industry future.
We have served prestigious and emerging businesses including filling factories, cosmetic brand owners and beauty salons, etc.
Here at XINGYUAN, we don’t see it as just packaging, we see it as a means of communicating your brands value, innovation, message and above all else an experience that will be remembered by your customers.
With our can-do attitude towards superior quality product, we have been improving the technology from the very first container. Every staff in XINGYUAN is always open to innovation and technology.
Working all hand in hand with designers, customers and our manufacturing partners, we make packaging containers for cosmetics an extension of your brand and the physical embodiment of your business.
Our Advantage:
* Get turnkey empty containers at factory prices within agreed delivery schedule
* Custom packaging design and professional communication process backing up
* High quality ensured by 7S factory management system & dustless workshops18mm Electroplating Plastic Lotion Pump suppliers

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